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Tree Roots

Healing Sessions

Medicinal Massages 


My medicinal massages deal with the pain area as a whole. By interacting with the breath of your body through my magnetism, I can cure your ailment by massaging not only the precise location of it, but also the surrounding tissues, to completely relax the tension, aiming for heal at the source. .

Massage Médicinal

Energetic Healing

Anchoring, realignment, harmonization, purification, soul recovery, discussions with the deceased, guidance, clairvoyance ...
Whatever your need of the moment, we answer your questions, and provide solutions in accordance with you-love-me and your guidance.


Energy treatments are used to:

  • Helping us through difficult times.

  • Ask us the right questions

  • Relieve physical and/or psychological injuries.

  • To reduce stress and anxiety

  • Find answers to questions, life situations that we do not understand, do not want to repeat.

  • Feeling more in harmony with yourself-love me.
    And many other yet...


How do I work?
In accordance with your guidance, I evaluate your energy structure, and I undertake to harmonize it, to allow you to release blockages and make the energy of life flow within you.

If you have questions about a particular problem, feel free to address it, I can provide you with energetic and physical keys during the treatment.

Prix :110€
Durée : 1h30

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