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The Local Medicinal Massage targets a particular area of pain. We work mainly on the physical level, with energetic work (magnetism), as well as a symbolic reading if wished by the client.

If you suffer from a more general ailment and/or want a more spiritual approach, or a more "relaxing" massage, be sure to head to the  
holistic medicinal massage.


During the session you receive a deep massage, as well as muscle mobilization, and you will leave with stretching and light strength exercises specific to your condition, in order to heal in the long term.

The average duration of the massage is 40'

Do you want to know why you have this pain?
What is this famous reason why you are always in the same place? Is there an explanation beyond the simple physical reason?
Book a “Local Medicinal Massage” session with a “Symbolic Reading”. We will take the time to look deep at the reasons for your illness.

Price :

50'  -  55€

+ symbolic reading
€25 (20min)


Who are these therapeutic massages for?

                             My deep tissue massages require hard pressure to go deep into the muscle or area being treated, which can be momentarily uncomfortable. 


LOCAL massage is aimed at people suffering from muscle or joint tension targeted, there is therefore no point in coming for “relaxing” massage. If you want a more "overall relaxation" approach, the Holistic Massage takes you on a journey through your body while treating it energetically.

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