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In my Holistic Medicinal Massage, I see the body as a whole. Energy reading and magnetism are the main treatments, we use symbolic reading to heal your mind, and medicinal touch to soothe your body.

This massage is aimed at people wishing to purify their body, treat recurring pain in depth, heal spiritually from a difficult event, or wish to relax their body as a whole.


This session includes a guidance, a “preparation” for the massage to define your wishes and needs during this treatment.

During this guidance, I listen to you and contact your spirit guides, in order to discuss with them what to do and to discover the methods that suit you,...

The guidance lasts  30~45min
The massage         1h15~1h30

Price :

2h - 145€

First session :

maintenance sessions 1h - 80€
                        1h30 - 110€

Lampe - Le Souffle du Corps
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