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Anchoring, realignment, harmonization, purification, soul recovery, discussions with the deceased, guidance, clairvoyance... 
Whatever your need at the moment, I am here to answer your questions, and provide solutions in accordance with you and your guidance.

Energy treatments serve :

To help us through difficult times.

Asking ourselves the right questions and even to find answers.

Relieving physical injuries
and/or psychological.

To reduce stress and anxiety


Finding answers to questions, life situations that we don't understand, don't want to repeat and that get stuck in our body.

To feel more in harmony with yourself

And many other things...


My main tools:



What is clairvoyance?

​Any ailment, any disease, any problem, whether physical or not, can be examined on many levels.

The treatment of the symptoms is the most superficial, the interrogation of the unconscious messages is the deepest.

Our world is just an exchange of information, and body, mind, energy structure, and any other physical manifestation of a recurring problem, can tell us a lot if we are willing to listen.

Clairvoyance consists in translating the information that we want to transmit to us, in order to hold the keys allowing us to avoid the repetition of these same patterns, and to finally enjoy our own life in consciousness.

At the "breath of the body", you will find all the answers to the questions you ask yourself, if you are ready to hear them...



Magnetism is based on the fact that every human being contains energy.

For an individual to be healthy, in other words, for the body to function well, this energy must circulate freely.

Magnetizers are people who are able to use this energy to relieve the ailments of others.  

Magnetism heals both body and mind.

I have never stopped believing in the power of this fluid which is “the elementary music of the Universe”.  

            - Mesmer F. Anton

How does the magnetism work ?

By affixing hands, effleurage,
and energetic work of your subtle bodies. 


Prices : 

Energetic Healing :

110€ - 1h30

Work on your energetic structure consciously
The session is done lying on your back.

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