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Body Contouring

Want conscious re-education?

To be able to enjoy your body naturally?

To be relieved of bodily ailments and find a harmonious movement in your body?

Come and discover the workshop“Body Reshaping”

This workshop is a series of pre-recorded videos, ranging from 5minutes to 1hour30

Prepare a sufficient space in your living room or other room in your house, and a rug on which you can ideally work barefoot.

Concretely what will we do?
  Gentle strength training, intuitive dance, stretching, and       
  lots of other things too.
  In consciousness, we will accompany ourselves towards a rediscovery of our body.


To practice it when you feel it, at home or in the woods, in a park or on the beach, it's up to your feelings to decide.


Price: €40

Duration: 40videos of all kinds/lengths combined.

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