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My medicinal massages deal with the area of pain as a whole. By interacting with the breath of your body through my magnetism, I can heal your ailment by massaging not only the precise location of it, but also the surrounding tissues, to completely relax the tension, aiming for healing at the source. .

Medicinal massage local targets a specific area of pain. We work primarily on the physical plane, with energy work as well as symbolic reading if desired.

During the session you receive a deep massage, as well as muscle mobilization, and you will leave with stretching and light weight training exercises specific to your pain, in order to heal over the long term.

Do you want to know why you have these pains?
What is this famous reason why you alwaysmal at the same location ? Is there an explanation beyond the simple physical reason?
Book a session of "Local Medicinal Massage" with a "Symbolic Reading". We will take the time to go and see in depth the reasons for your illness (badly said).

le massage           40min
les exercices         10min

Medicinal massage hollistic works the body as a whole. Reading and energy work with magnetism are the main treatments, we use symbolic reading to cheer up your mind, and medicinal touch to soothe your body.

This massage is for people wishing to purify their body, suffering from recurring pain, wishing to heal spiritually from a difficult event, or wanting to relax their body as a whole.

This session includes guidance, a "preparation" for the massage to define your wishes, your needs during this treatment.

During this guidance, I listen to you and connect to your guides, in order to talk with them about the process to follow, what are the good methods that would suit you,...

The Guidance lasts   30~45min
The Massage         1h15~1h30

Qu'est ce que le Holisme ?
le holisme est « la tendance dans la nature à constituer des ensembles qui sont supérieurs à la somme de leurs parties, au travers de l'évolution créatrice ».

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Les enfants aussi ont leurs problèmes physiques, parfois difficiles à accepter.
Je suis là pour les écouter, et apaiser leur mal grâce au magnétisme et au toucher médicinal.

Avec douceur et bienveillance, j'enlève les douleurs physiques de votre enfant pour qu'il puisse retrouver toute sa mobilité et jouir de la vie comme il se doit.

Prices :


40'  -  55€

+ lecture symbolique

 20' - 25€


Première séance :


Séances d'entretient
1h     -  80€
1h30 - 110€



30'  -  25€

Lampe - Le Souffle du Corps

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at 0471/38.40.22, at, or consult the FAQ on the main page of the website.

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