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Women Workshop


What is the Yoni and how does it work?

Why our body bleeds
and how to manage its flow?

Our whomb, our own temple ?

In this workshop, weman will learn to take care of her Yoni (whomb),to understand it, and to live with its cycles, for a better understanding of herself and her personal power.

The topics covered will be:

  • Period continence 

  • The Yoni Steam (or vaginal steam bath)

  • The female cycle, her hormones, her potency

  • How to take care of your energy at all phases of your cycle.

  • Reconnection to the first power, to the great universal Whomb

  • ...

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You will come out of this session with essential keys for any woman wishing to regain control of her personal power.

Next Session on the 13 of January

Duration: 3 hours
Price : 80€

The price includes: the session, the creation of a small bag of dried flowers for Yoni Steam, a divine feminine Christ activation code from the Sophia Code.

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