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About me

Who am I?

I grew up believing that the only interesting thing in the world was to please others.
But deep inside me was still that little voice - who am I? - that I had learned to keep quiet. My husband rekindled that little flame inside of me and everything lit up.
I realized that since I was very young I saw fairies and that I spoke to the trees. The spirits returned to me as if I had never left them.
I started to see things and people around me differently. I started to feel other people's bodies, their vibration, their resonance, their presence.
And little by little, I reappropriated my power as a human being, that of matter but also of the spirit, which guides and knows how to guide oneself and others towards the light.
I applied my intuitive feelings, my clairvoyance, to my professional life and today, I accompany you and your body towards your own healing, adorned with love and benevolence.

My mission ? to Shine


My practice

The body has a language of its own.

He speaks to us through his illnesses and ailments, which are the physical manifestation of psychosomatic, karmic or repressed emotional wounds.

My massages combine energetic and physical manipulation, to decipher the messages that your body has to transmit to us, to initiate the healing process, and to bring to light and awareness the underlying symbolic problems, to treat these ailments gently and kindly. source;

My practice requires a real commitment on your part, because the body cannot heal without the will of the spirit.

It's up to you to be the healer of your life.

May the water of the divine spring guide your way.

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